How can society pay them back? Ricky Jackson, Wiley Bridgeman absolved of Cleveland killing after 40 years

ricky a
For the vast majority of us, spending four decades behind bars as an innocent person is an utterly unimaginable concept.

Ricky Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman left life behind bars today, after spending nearly 40 years in prison for a crime they did not commit.
Sixty-year-old Bridgeman exited the Cuyahoga County jail just a few hours after 57-year-old Jackson did the same.

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Jackson’s story is beyond the scope of most peoples’ imagination. At 57, he had been in prison since he was 18. He has served more time behind bars than anyone who has ever been released from prison on a wrongful conviction, according to the National Registry of Exonerations.
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A U.S. judge dismissed Jackson’s case — a 1975 Cleveland slaying — after a witness in the trial recanted the testimony he gave as a 12 year old boy. Jackson’s case was helped by attourneys from the Ohio Innocence Project.

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The dismissal came after the key witness against Jackson and brothers Wiley and Ronnie Bridgeman at the trial canted and admitted that he had lied to judges and juries about the men’s role in the slaying of Harold Franks.
ricky 10
He also said Cleveland police detectives coerced him into testifying that the three men had killed businessman Harry Franks the afternoon of May 19, 1975.
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According to the National Registry of Exonerations, as of October 2014, 35 per cent of the exonerations in the Registry include mistaken eyewitness identifications.
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Kwame Ajamu grabs his brother Wiley Bridgeman’s beard after his release in a gesture that dates from their boyhood
ricky 13  My brother's my first best friend, Ajamu says. My hero. My everything.
My brother’s my first best friend, Ajamu says. My hero. My everything.

ricky 14
Wiley Bridgeman Finally a freeman

Meet Ricky Jackson. His 1975 murder conviction was based on the testimony of a 12-year-old child.

ricky 3

Jackson was in jail for 39 years for a crime he didn’t commit.

ricky 4

With the help of the Ohio Innocence Project, he was found wrongfully convicted. This is him hearing the news:

ricky 5

Ricky reflected on his 39 years behind bars.
ricky 6

The judge overturned Jackson’s murder charge because the 12-year-old boy’s testimony that the case was based on was later found to be a lie. Here’s what Jackson thinks about the circumstances of his imprisonment and release:

ricky 7

While Ricky may be one of a kind, his circumstance absolutely is not. The National Registry of Exonerations has collected data on nearly 1,500 exonerations since 1989. Ricky Jackson’s 39-year imprisonment marks the longest time served by any exoneree in their database.
ricky 8
Hear Jackson in his own words:

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paddington 1

MANY Britons were raised on tales of Paddington, the second-best-known bear in fiction after Winnie-the-Pooh. A kind of ursine Jacques Tati, the well-meaning Paddington caused chaos wherever he went through a mixture of clumsiness and cultural misunderstanding; the best moments usually involved his clashes with pompous British officialdom.

A new film version, directed and written by Paul King, focuses on a quality for which the British once prided themselves—a welcoming attitude towards refugees. An archetypal British explorer called Montgomery Clyde (who travels with grand piano and grandfather clock) meets Paddington’s aunt and uncle, introduces them to the joys of marmalade, and tells them of the warm welcome they can expect in London. When an earthquake destroys their home in “darkest Peru”, Paddington is duly sent to London to seek shelter.
paddington 2
Arriving at Paddington station (from which he gets his name), the bear is initially spotted by Mr Brown, a stuffy middle-class Englishman (played by Hugh Bonneville, Lord Grantham from “Downton Abbey”).
paddington 6
The initial reaction of several characters is to display their prejudices about immigrants. Mr Brown believes that they invent sob stories in order to ask for money, and his nosy neighbour, Mr Curry (Peter Capaldi), worries aloud about the prospects for “jungle music” from the house next door. Later on, evil taxidermist Millicent warns Curry that “it starts with one bear and pretty soon it will be the whole street.”

Meanwhile a calypso band pops up from time to time to reinforce the contrast between a jolly, culturally diverse Britain and the mean-mindedness of Mr Curry, whose idea of a slap-up meal is meat-paste sandwiches. And Paddington’s best friend from the books, antique shop-owner Mr Gruber, is revealed to be a survivor of the kindertransport who has become a pillar of the local community.
paddington 3
By the end of the film, even the stuffy Mr Brown has warmed to the bear, declaring that “even if he’s from a different species, he’s still family.”

If this interpretation had been served up by the BBC, the publicly subsidised national broadcaster, the howls of protest from the Daily Mail and Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-immigrant UK Independent Party, would have been deafening. But this is a commercial film, and is thus subject to the vicissitudes of public taste.
paddington 4
The early indications are that it will be a hit (it topped the British charts on its first weekend); the West London cinema your blogger attended was packed at 3pm on a busy pre-Christmas shopping day.
paddington 7
UKIP, pursued by a bear
It was a reminder that UKIP polls relatively poorly in multicultural London and that its national ratings are still in the mid-teens, well below the Front National in France. (It has achieved a bigger share in by-elections and European elections but on a low turnout.)

Not everyone in Britain is a “little Englander”; a lot of people, if they met Mr Farage, would be tempted to follow Paddington’s example and give him “a particularly hard stare”.

paddington 5

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See The Little Mermaid’s Red Hair First. Then See Plenty Of Red Flags About The Movie Exposed

ariel 1
By Joseph Lamour
Lately, some of the values that Disney movies instill in young girls have been questioned. And if this “honest trailer” for “The Little Mermaid” is any indication, that’s a very good thing.

This honest trailer of “The Little Mermaid” is brilliant.

Equal parts hilarious and logical.
ariel 2

For starters: Are these dolphins getting paid?

ariel 3

I’m imagining those are middle-class dolphins working the chariot night shift.

Do all the fish in the sea have to make a living? If so, is Flounder’s job to be Princess Ariel’s cute companion?
ariel 4

ariel 5
Princess Ariel falling in love with a prince makes sense — Eric is dreamy.

ariel 6
But “because he’s hot” shouldn’t be the reason Ariel, among other things, changes her species. If only Ariel and Taylor Swift could be friends.

ariel 7
She might suggest Ariel talk to Eric for a little while before going all-in.

“Would you change the bottom half of your body to a horse’s if Chris Hemsworth was a centaur?” she might ask.

ariel 8

I’m guessing no. If it’s still yes, I have some questions.

But Ariel’s vaguely Jamaican buddy Sebastian is an enabler.
ariel 9

Also, the closest thing this movie has to a black person.
ariel 10

Signing away her voice for a boy is definitely a commitment. She *is* only 16.

ariel 11

But giving it to a witch who hates her whole family? Hmm…

ariel 12

Honestly, Ursula might be a better role model anyway.

You don’t need a man … or a pair of legs … to find love.
ariel 13

These messages went right over my head when I saw this at 7 years old. It’s telling girls stuff like:

1. Look pretty and change yourself if you want a man.

ariel 14

Also, don’t be satisfied with your body the way it is. Change yourself drastically. Because love!

ariel 15
2. If you sign suspicious legal documents that you can’t get out of, maybe the guy you met and married in three days will solve it for you. With murder.

ariel 16

Three days and you’re vanquishing witches for her? Maybe you two do have something in common: a lack of impulse control.

3. After that, if you’re still somehow living, abandon your family, friends, and home to marry the hot guy you just met.
ariel 17

Did they even discuss him becoming a merman? She is ALSO a princess, folks.
ariel 18

Yes indeed, Ursula.

Choices are probably a little easier if you always do what’ll make Prince Hot Stuff (or the man you love) happy, am I right, ladies?

ariel 19


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Oren Yakobovich: Hidden cameras that film injustice in the world’s most dangerous places

oren 5
Videre co-founder Oren Yakobovich wields the latest covert recording technology to expose and subvert violent oppression.

To see is to believe, says Oren Yakobovich — which is why he helps everyday people use hidden cameras to film dangerous situations of violence, political fraud and abuse. His organization, Videre, uncovers, verifies and publicizes human-rights abuses that the world needs to witness.

oren 4

oren 2
Using recording technology — some of it so secret you haven’t heard of it yet — Videre connects with activists deep within the most repressive regimes to video-document human-rights abuses and expose them to worldwide scrutiny. Yakobovich believes that only action by the oppressed communities themselves will temper the worst excesses of their authoritarian governments.
oren 1
Videre’s name comes from the Latin expression “videre est credere” — to see is to believe. Previously, Yakobovich (together with Israeli watchdog group B’Tselem) initiated the camera documentation project, which delivered hundreds of cameras to Palestinians to expose the daily realities of life in the West Bank.

oren 3

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iwc 20

Geneva, 11 November 2014 – A rare model from Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen was among the exclusive timepieces sold at the Important Watches auction held by Sotheby’s Geneva. The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “The Last Flight” in platinum went under the hammer for CHF 40,000.

The entire proceeds will benefit the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation, which will use them to provide financial support to a children’s hospital in Brazil.
iwc 21
The Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “The Last Flight” in platinum (Ref. IW388005) is a special limited-edition watch produced by IWC Schaffhausen to commemorate Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s last flight 70 years ago. The magnificent timepiece with its brown ceramic case made from silicon nitride, brown dial and calfskin strap in the same colour is exquisitely finished with platinum push-buttons and a platinum crown and case back. The exquisite silky-matte finish of the case is complemented by the elaborate sunpattern finish on the dial.
iwc 23
The automatic chronograph movement is the manufacture calibre 89361 with column-wheel, flyback and a 60-hours power reserve.
Diameter is 46mm and the watch is offered in a mix of ceramic/titanium, ceramic/rose gold and ceramic/platinum. The strap is a soft-as-butter buffalo type with a pin buckle of titanium, rose gold or platinum.
IWC 22-Saint-Exupery-Pilots-Edition-03
With the auction of this fine watch, available in an edition of just 17 pieces, IWC Schaffhausen strengthens its long-term commitment to Saint-Exupéry’s heirs and is donating the entire sum to the charitable Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation. The sale, which took place as part of the Important Watches auction held by Sotheby’s Geneva on 11 November 2014, raised CHF 40,000, all of which will go to the children’s hospital Pequeno Príncipe in Curitiba, Brazil. “This auction is a part of our company’s social responsibility and a reinforcement of the humanist values championed by the famous French pilot and writer,” commented Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen.

“In the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation we support an organization that has a huge international network and does an incredible amount for disadvantaged children with its local projects.” The children’s hospital in Brazil that will benefit from the donation is a respected centre specializing in highly complex heart operations, organ and bone transplants and cancer treatment. Thanks to IWC’s contribution, the hospital’s recreational area will soon have a library to offer its young patients.
IWC 24-Saint-Exupery-Pilots-Edition-02

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Seeing What A Scared Puppy Forced Herself To Do Pretty Much Melted My Heart

darcycon 1
by Darcie Conway

She had a choice to stay or run away. Many would have taken the easy way out. She didn’t.
When you really want to be together, you’ll face up to anything. Watch how she did just that.

5 reasons adopting a dog is good for your health.

adopt 1
Whether it’s taking them for a walk or playing fetch, your dog will get you moving and enjoying a healthy dose of vitamin D out in the sun.

adopt 2
Need a boost? If you ever feel anxious or down, cozy up to a pooch. They can increase serotonin and balance out your moods.

adopt 3
Ever notice it’s hard to make friends as an adult? Dogs are great icebreakers. Take one for a walk and see how many people stop to talk.

adopt 4
Infants living under the same roof as a dog are less likely to get certain allergies. Early exposure to dog germs is a good thing.

adopt 5

Give your dog a hug. They deserve it after lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. They’re good for your heart, literally.

adopt 6
If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, check out a local shelter. Millions of loveable “rescue dogs” are waiting to meet a new friend.


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Nagwa and Shahira نجوى وشهيرة Rabih Gemayel – Sadmit Omri / ربيع الجميل – صدمة عمري

nagw 1

nagw 2

nagw 3

nagw 4

nagw 5


The First Arabic Music Video With Lesbians–Thank you Rabih Gemayel (Video)
nagw 17 marie

nagw 16 tamara

nagw 7

nagw 8

nagw 10

nagw 9

nagw 10

Nagw 10a

nagw 11

nagw 15

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Bedroom-bound quadriplegic develops drone to see the world

stuart 3Turner-1024x576

By Tom Brooks-Pollock
A quadriplegic man who is confined to his bedroom has used his computing expertise to see the world from his bedroom, by flying a camera-mounted drone up to thousands of miles.
Stuart Turner could soon be looking round the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls using the 2kg flying device, which he controls by moving his head his head and eyes using Google Glass computer worn on his head.
The 36-year-old has lost the use of his arms and legs over the past 10 years, due to spine and brain disorders including spina bifida, tethered spinal cord syndrome and chiari malformation.
Mr Turner, who was forced to drop out of a degree in computer science, has been developing the drone, and the software to control it, with scientists at Brown University, Rhode Island. He uses a Parrot AR Drone which has four separate rotary blades with a camera mounted on its body.
The device is still in testing phase, meaning that Mr Turner has so far only flown it around campus. He hopes to develop it further by replacing Google Glass with a type of virtual reality headset that will give him a three-dimensional, panoramic view of the drone’s location.

Parrot AR drone
The Parrot AR drone is designed to be operated by mobile or tablet operating systems. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod
Mr Turner also uses so-called telepresence robots, remote controlled land-fairing robots, to look around far-flung museums such as the Melbourne Museum in Australia, whose staff allowed him to pilot the robot through its halls after-hours.
The robotics expert said: “Drones open up doors that would otherwise be there, helping to expand my world from my house to anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi.
“I’m hoping to be able to fly faster, further, higher with a greater degree of control.
“I also – and this is probably the main aim – want to experience first-person flight, which will truly liberate me from this wheelchair in a way that isn’t really possible at the moment.
“I would be flying without leaving my wheelchair. There’s no way I could travel at high speed 20 metres into the air without a drone.
“I have to be very precise with my head movements and hope there aren’t any trees nearby.

Mr Turner, who tests software for Apple and tests security systems for large companies by hacking into them, added that he hoped that his drone could show how the much-maligned robots could be a force for good.
He said: “For every killer drone you show me, I can show you a drone that is saving lives all around the world.
“If I can help change the public view on drones, that would be great and I’d be happy to do it.
“They expand my universe in a way that I would never be able to do using my physical self.”


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