Baseball Girls a Film By Lois Siegel

lois seigel 52

lois seigel 55

lois seigel 35 baseballgirlsgranger2
Michele Granger
©Photo by Lois Siegel

lois seigel 54
Pelham Sportaculars Fairfax, Virginia
National Capital Senior Softball Classic, Runner-Up, Women’s Division Representing Canada
©Photo by Lois Siegel

Thanks to Albert Ohayon and the National Film Board of Canada for the permission to post the Film.
lois seigel 53

Thanks to Lois Siegel
lois seigel 31 jean paul
photo By Paul Jean

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La Bustronome

Photos Corporate
by Richard Nahem
Just when I thought every possible type of vehicle to tour Paris had been exhausted, a new clever one has hit the streets. After bicycles, tricycles and Velibs, buses, cars- including driving your own Maserati sports car or sitting in the uncomfortable back seat of a Citroen CV,Segways, rickshaws, and mini-trains comes Bustronome.
bustronome 14
Bustronome is a humongous bus that serves multi-course gourmet lunches and dinners while touring the highlights of Paris. I was a little wary when I first read about Bustronome, thinking about how they could do something like that without causing a disaster, so I contacted them out of curiosity to sample a tour.
bustronome 15
I chose the night tour, which started at 7:45 and arrived at Ave. Kleber right off the Place Etoile/Charles DeGaulle to meet the bus. Looming almost three stories and practically hitting the tree branches was a slick, shiny black behemoth. I boarded the bus and was shown to the elegant dining room on the second floor.

The tables were set with fine china and in the center of the table was a Lucite structure to hold the glassware so that the drinks didn’t spill while the bus was moving, which put some of my fears to rest. I was immediately offered a glass of Champagne and relaxed before the bus took off, taking in the view of the Arch de Triomphe from the 360 degree view from the glass wrapped terrace above and beside me.

bustronome 16

The bus left at 7:55PM and slowly circulated the streets touring the Champs Elysees, Trocadero, the Eiffel Tower (timed on the hour so we were able to see the glitter lights sparkle), the Champs de Mars, the Opera Garnier, Musée d’Orsay, the Grand Palais, the Hotel de Ville, the Grand Palais, and the Notre Dame.

Bustronome.13jpg During the almost three hour ride a six-course meal was served which included a porcini mushroom custard, a sea scallop carpaccio garnished with grapefruit and pistachio, turbot fillet with a pumpkin and safran sauce, roasted veal with potatoes, Cabecou- a soft goat cheese from the Midi-Pyrenees, and a pineapple and passion fruit cheesecake. Although the menu was uneven in some spots, it was mostly good and the small portion size worked well. The bus moved at a slow enough place so that it never felt bumpy, even though the glassware rattled somewhat on the cobblestone streets and my worry that the bus would make a short stop and a pool of boiling hot cassoulet would land on my lap was now a passing thought.
bustronome 17
Another thoughtful feature about the service was instead of having the historical information about the sites blaring through the speakers, on the back of the menu was a map of the various stops and you were given an electronic pointer so you could tap on each spot of the map and it would automatically dispense the history through a speaker in the pointer.
Photos Corporate
Bustronome is available seven days a week and offers two hour lunch tours starting from 12PM to 2PM for 95 euros per person with drinks including Champagne, wine, and coffee or tea or 65 euros without, and dinner service is 2.5 hours from 7:45PM to 10:15PM for 125 euros per person with drinks or 85 euros without. The good news is Bustronome can prepare a vegan menu and can also do private or customized tours.
Photos Corporate
I think Bustronome is a luxurious and relaxed way to see the city and I especially liked the night tour because it was more romantic and there was much less traffic.
bustronome 63-Boeufcarotte
La Bustronomie
Neologism, noun usually singular (Lifestyle –XXI century). Delightful way to discover food and wine of a cultural capital while visiting the city
An out of the ordinary experience is ready to awaken your senses on board this luxury bus.
bustronome 79-Muletavocat
An unprecedented marriage between beauty and pleasure
On board the bus, passengers will discover the most beautiful views in Paris as well as the best of its gastronomy.
bustronome 817-Veaubetterave
A new type of tourism is born
The Bustronome’s brand new concept stays faithful to the current trend of experiencing the biggest emotions in the shortest of times.
bustronome  95-Homardchimichuri
Le Bustronome
Neologism, noun countable (Lifestyle –XXI century). Vehicle allowing to travel simultaneously in beautiful and in good taste.
The BUSTRONOME is a high-end double decker bus that stands out in particular for its panoramic glass roof. He drives its passengers into the Parisian atmosphere in the best conditions whatever the season.
Unique panoramic terrace
Amazing view from the BUSTRONOME upper deck, sheltered from the weather and the pollution.
bustronome 11 13-Sacher
Musical atmosphere
Musical program to discover eclectic French music and emphasis the feeling of well-being.

Price per person (inc. VAT)
65 € Drinks not included 85 € Drinks included
95 € Drinks not included 125 € Drinks included

bustronome 18
Menus of the moment:
8 jan – 13 fev 2015

Lunch – 65/85€
Chestnuts’ “bonbonnière”
Plaice with beets and ceps cream
Poultry with season vegetables and hazelnuts
Pineapple mille-feuilles

bustronome 19

Dinner – 95/125€
Creamy boletus mushrooms veloute with white truffle
Queen scallops carpaccio with pistachio and grapefruit
Brill with ginger pumpkin mash
Shoulder of lamb “Grand Veneur”
Brie de Meaux cheese and caramelized apples
Passion macaron

bustronome 20

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Miley Cyrus Patrick Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend goes full-frontal for most shocking shoot yet

miley 9article-2416186-1BB7DF13000005DC-891_634x473
She swung naked from a Wrecking Ball for her now-infamous music video.
But just when we thought Miley Cyrus could do nothing more to shock us, the pop star has managed to pull it off yet again in a daring new shoot for V Magazine.
In a series of Polaroid shots featuring provocative poses and full-frontal nudity, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend is caught behind the scenes of her Bangerz tour by her close pal Cheyne Thomas.
miley 10-cyrus-v-magazine-spread-polaroids-uncensored__oPt
Pure Miley: Cyrus poses covered in bath foam in a candid Polaroid taken by her pal Cheyne Thomas behind the scenes of he Bangerz tour for V magazine
The shots, taken everywhere from Helsinki to Argentina, show Miley killing time between tour dates in her own unique fashion.
They are sure to raise eyebrows amongst the Kennedy clan, with the former Hannah Montana star ensconced in a passionate relationship with Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son.
The images show Mley looking like a 60s hippy as she poses naked in her back garden in Los Angeles, spraying herself with water and blowing on a dandelion clock.
Another shot shows her standing fresh from the bath, foam clinging to her naked form.
Miley 11-Cyrus-lingerie-V-Magazine
Some of the more risqué Polaroids show her in her underwear, legs pulled up to her chest, posing provocatively for the camera

miley 17
Risqué: The casual observer might wonder if Miley is ever clothed
Miley grins as she leans towards her friend in the images.
Some of the more risqué Polaroids show her in her underwear, legs pulled up to her chest, posing provocatively for the camera.
Others show her experimenting with wigs, or lying in her bed.

miley 13
Time off: Looking like a 60s hippy she poses naked in her back garden in LA, blowing on a dandelion clock
miley 25 -cyrus-boobs

Quite unique: Miley sprays herself with water, left, and takes a phone call in her underwear
In one shot she sits surrounded by books next to an oil painting – an ordinary scene if Miley were wearing anything more than her favourite boots.
miley 16
Others show her pulling up her sweater for the camera, and looking in the mirror.Miley 13 -Cyrus-ice-cream-cone-nipple-pasties-sunglasses
In one a dog watches as a bikini-clad Miley poses in a back yard.
The images have a playful feeling to them – perhaps explained by the fact that they were taken by Thomas.
Miley 14-Cyrus-ice-cream-cone-nipple-pasties
Miley Cyrus goes topless for her 22nd birthday

Miley Cyrus Top-less Ice Cream Nip Pasties by uniquevideoz

miley 20

Caught you: Miley stands in her bikini as a dog inspects her, left, before lifting her shirt to show off her pasties

miley 22
Polaroid magic: The shots are relaxed – perhaps explained by the fact that they were taken by Thomas
The 22-year-old former child star is obviously totally relaxed in her pal’s company, gamely playing up for the camera.
Thomas is in fact the wild child’s assistant and made headlines once before, when he and Miley tattooed each other with smiley faces.
Their friendship is long-running, with Miley forced to deny any romantic involvement when she was seen at the pool with him in 2012.

miley 40
Friend turned snapper: Thomas is in fact the wild child’s assistant and made headlines once before, when he and Miley tattooed each other with smiley faces

miley 39
Red head: Miley plays around with wigs backstage
The shots sparked rumours Miley was cheating on then-fiancé Liam Hemsworth, and she tweeted: ‘So now because I am engaged I can’t have a friend of the opposite sex?
‘Can’t have a friend help me out while I’m working alllll day? #dumb.’
miley 22
More recently in 2013 Miley grinded against a Santa-suit-wearing Cheyne at a Jingle Ball concert.
V magazine issue 93 featuring Cheyne Thomas’ photoshoot is available on newsstands in the U.S. on January 15.

miley 24
The full shoot: Miley’s Polaroid
miley 21
Kennedy clan, avert your eyes: Miley is in a passionate relationship with university student Patrick Schwarzenegger, with whom she is seen last week in LA

Get More:
Music News

miley 18

miley 15

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The right not to wear Hijab and Dance on the streets from Cairo to Tehran

no hijab 6

no hijab 5

no hijab 4

hejab 2013 55 shorts
Facebook campaign, Iranian women remove hijab
hejab 2013 156

Facebook Iranian women remove hijab

hejab 2013 155
Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women, Facebook

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Bollero Maurice Ravel Wiener Philharmoniker – Gustavo Dudamel

ravel Maurice_Ravel_1925

Boléro is a one-movement orchestral piece by Maurice Ravel (1875–1937). Originally composed as a ballet commissioned by Russian actress and dancer Ida Rubinstein, the piece, which premiered in 1928, is Ravel’s most famous musical composition. Before Boléro, Ravel had composed large scale ballets (such as Daphnis et Chloé, composed for the Ballets Russes 1909–1912), suites for the ballet (such as the second orchestral version of Ma mère l’oye, 1912), and one-movement dance pieces (such as La valse, 1906–1920). Apart from such compositions intended for a staged dance performance, Ravel had demonstrated an interest in composing re-styled dances, from his earliest successes (the 1895 Menuet and the 1899 Pavane) to his more mature works like Le tombeau de Couperin (which takes the format of a dance suite)

Boléro epitomises Ravel’s preoccupation with restyling and reinventing dance movements. It was also one of the last pieces he composed before illness forced him into retirement. The two piano concertos and the Don Quichotte à Dulcinée song cycle were the only compositions that followed Boléro.

bollero 19
Ida Rubinstein, the inspiration behind Boléro. Portrait by Valentin Serov.

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Ballerina Tiny Dancer Elton John

bollero 18


bollero 14

bollero 15

bollero 16

bollero 17

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Nude Ballerinas Practicing and Performance

bollero 12

Lalala Human steps nude ballet 2 by pinomona

bollero 5

Cecilia Valdes – Ballet Nacional de Cuba 2 by threebaldheads
bollero 8

Stretching by karolus2
bollero 9

Naked Ballerina by miker47
bollero 10

bollero 11

sexy nude teens ballet dancers by youngnaturistvideos

Naked gymnastics by biganimal-net
bollero 3

bollero 4

Naked Ballet by Irondell31

bollero 1

bollero 2

SimDance_004 by estratosferio

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Rifa’a al-Tahtawi رفاعة رافع الطهطاوي

refai 4
Rifa’a al-Tahtawy, 1801-1873. One of the most distinguished and outstanding literary figures of his time, Refa’ah Rafie’ Al Tahtawi was born in Tahta, Upper Egypt, on 15 October 1801. Tahtawi is a man of noble birth. His ancestors assumed positions of authority and responsibility. While a child, Tahtawi enjoyed aristocratic privileges including financial allocations.

When Mohammed Ali came to power, he denied noblemen financial privileges in implementation of his economic reform program. Consequently, Tahtawi’s family lived in straitened circumstances. At the age of 12, Tahtawi accompanying his family moved from Tahta to Gerga, Qena and Farshoot.

Meanwhile, Tahtawi successfully learned how to read and write and committed the Koran to memory. When Tahtawi’s father died, Tahtawi returned to Tahta and lived with his maternal uncles.

Tahtawi’s intellectual talents soon manifested themselves when he joined Al-Azhar University in 1817. Tahtawi studied under and was deeply influenced by Sheikh Hassan Mohammed Al-Attar, the son of a poor tradesman who wanted his son to work with him. The boy went to Al-Azhar secretly and attended lessons given by Sheikh Al-Amir. When the French occupied Egypt, Al-Attar fled to Upper Egypt. He was of the opinion that Muslim countries should benefit from the knowledge, sciences and educational methods of the West. He was a poet and wrote also on medicine and anatomy.

In 1823, Tahtawi graduated. Immediately after graduation, he worked as a teacher in Al-Azhar for two years. Tahtawi spent most of his time in Al-Attar’s house reading Western books which were not available and allowed at those times. Thanks to Al-Attar, Tahtawi was appointed imam (religious head of a Muslim community) of an Egyptian battalion till 1826 and later imam of the educational mission Mohammed Ali sent to Paris.
refai 5
Mohammed Ali
As of the moment Tahtawi trod in Marseille, he decided to be more than an imam. He started learning French as a means of translating Western sciences into Arabic. It took him a month to master the rules of spelling. Tahtawi believed in the necessity of opening channels of contact between the cultures of both the West and the East. As a result, Mohammed Ali decreed that Tahtawi be a member of the mission. Besides his post as an imam, Tahtawi studied translation. On 19 October 1830, he submitted to a panel of French professors 12 translations of French masterpieces in different fields, some of which were sent to the Cairo-based Bolaque printing house, and the manuscript of the book he wrote during his stay in Paris which is entitled ‘Takhlees Al-Ibrees fi Talkhees Paris’ (A Paris Profile).

Tahtawi finally received his degree. In 1831, he returned back to Egypt. Pre to his return, reports on his excellence and unchallenged supremacy telling how promising he is were sent to Mohammed Ali. On his return, Tahtawi worked as a translator in Medicine School for two years. He was the first Egyptian holding such a position for it was completely dominated by Moroccans, Syrians and Americans. Meanwhile, Tahtawi managed to translate many books such as “Explaining Anatomy Terminology.” Besides his work at Medicine School, Tahtawi took the responsibility of supervising the Preparatory Medicine School.

In 1833, Tahtawi moved to Tobigia School (Artillery School) in Tora where he worked as a translator of engineering and military sciences. There, he took the first step towards his dream of establishing an Egyptian university patterned on the Eastern Languages’ School. His plan was to establish, step by step, a number of separate high schools to be incorporated into a university at a later stage. As a start, Tahtawi set up History and Geography School in 1833.

In 1834, plague broke out and Tahtawi had to move to his village Tahta where he stayed for six months spending two of them translating one volume of “Maltibron Geography.” When he returned to Cairo, he submitted his translation to Mohammed Ali who awarded and promoted him.
refai 14
Statue of Tahtawi.
Tahtawi then made the suggestion of establishing a translation school which was inaugurated in 1835 and was later named Al-Alsun School. Tahtawi’s post in Al-Alsun was technical and managerial supervision, teaching literature and Islamic and Western laws, choosing the books to be translated , reviewing and rectifying translated works as well. Al-Alsun School gradually began to assume the structural form and educational content of modern universities.
Refai 10 Abbas_I1
Khedive Abbas I
After Mohammed Ali’s death, Khedive Abbas I Reign 10 November 1848 – 2 August 1849 came to power with his backward thoughts. He insinuated to the Private Council in a bid to abort Tahtawi’s enlightened achievements that Tahtawi should be exiled. Tahtawi was well aware that he is in their power and knew that it was pointless to resist.

Refai 9Muhammad_Said_Pascha_1855_Nadar
Khedive Said
Khedive Said came to power after Abbas I in 1854. He declared an amnesty for those exiled to Sudan. Determined to revive the intellectual, cultural achievements of Mohammed Ali reign, Khedive Said appointed Tahtawi member and translator in the Municipal Council. In 1855, Tahtawi was also appointed vice president of the Military School in Al-Haud Al-Marsoud district.
Tahtawi’s ambition lie behind the establishment of the Accounting School in Al-Qala’a district in 1856. He was also appointed principal of the Royal Engineering and Architecture School and manager of the Educational Buildings’ Authority.
During that period, he not only finalized the first project of reviving Islamic heritage but also succeeded in issuing a large number of Arabic books.
As of 1863 to 1873, Tahtawi regained his enthusiasm. His production in the fields of education, translation and writing significantly increased. Under Khedive Ismail’s reign, “Diwan Al-Madares”(the Schools’ Department) was re-established and Tahtawi was chosen member of such a department.
In 1867, he was authorized to outline the statute for organizing national bureaux and was later appointed head of National Bureaux Council. He supervised Arabic language teaching, interviewed teachers so as to choose the best and taught them new teaching methods. He also headed a lot of examination committees in Egyptian and foreign schools as well.
In 1863, he established a translation department devoted to translating new laws. He was appointed director of such a department. As of 1866 to 1868, Tahtawi and his fellows translated the French law, the Ottoman constitution, the civil law and the commercial law as well.
refai 12 A_Boys'_School_(1906)_-_TIMEA
A Boys school 1860’s
In 1870, the Schools’ Department issued a cultural magazine entitled “Rawdat Al-Madares”(The Schools’ Garden) and Tahtawi was appointed editor-in-chief. He held such a position publishing 6 issues till his death in 1873.
Traits of Tahtawi’s educational philosophy:
According to Tahtawi, education was the only way for development. He spent his life in learning, teaching and translating. It seems that from the moment he realized what he could give his own nation, he prepared himself to be a teacher. He believed that the way to civilization starts with education which help people to fathom the significance of life. The traits of his educational philosophy are as follows:
Education is a prelude to progress.
Tahtawi believed that education is a necessity, that man cannot do without it. Man’s mind which distinguishes him from all other creatures is the only device that can save mankind. On the contrary, animals can protect themselves only by physical power. Tahtawi asserted the importance of the mind as a power governing man’s life. He, following suit of the philosophers of enlightenment, believed in man’s ability to change reality so as to meet the needs of the modern age.
refai 1
Education is essential for youth.
Youth may be exposed to writings against their own culture and moral norms. Only education can save them from falling into the trap of deviation. In this respect, Tahtawi echoed exponents of realism who believe that the key to virtue is education. According to him, girls’ education is important for the following reasons:
1- It helps a girl get a suitable husband.
2- It helps women bring up their children.
3- It takes them away from gossiping and pointless chat.
refai 11(Girl_in_ceremonial_dress.)
Egyptian young Woman in ceremonial dress, 1860s
Tahtawi, a pioneer of women emancipation Al-Tahtawi is undoubtedly the Middle East pioneer of women emancipation movement, the movement Qasem Amin later devoted his life to. He took precedence over all other advocates. However, Qasem Amin’s name has always been associated with accomplishments in this regard. This is in part due to the fact that the public opinion at that time was not crystallized enough to fathom Tahtawi’s thoughts. Moreover, Tahtawi’s writings were mostly directed to and available for government employees and educators.
In 1836, Tahtawi in his capacity as a member of the Education Planning Committee moved that certain measures be taken towards women education. The Committee’s move was not implemented but gained currency among families of powerful social and economic class. Affluent families hired qualified teachers for their daughters at home. In 1872, Tahtawi wrote “Al-Murshid Al-Amin” (The Honest Guide) where he advocated building schools for girls and stressed that an educated women has a happier family, rears polite well-behaved children and has better job opportunities if necessity demands. Tahtawi’s efforts were finally crowned with success when the first school for girls was established in 1873 During the reign of Ismail Pasha
Refai 8 Ismail_Pacha
Ismail Pasha
Tahtawi’s death
At the age of 72, sickness attacked Tahtawi. On 27 May 1873, Tahtawi passed away. His funeral procession headed by Al-Azhar Sheikh made its way through the crowded streets. Tahtawi is buried in Bab Al-Wazir cemetery, Boustan Al-Ulma, Al-Darb Al-Ahmar district near Al-Azhar mosque

Muslim Modernity
refai 3  3كتاب_رفاعة_الطهطاوي
Tahtawi’s promise to his wife not to marry another women. He was against Multiple marriages and sex with slaves which are part of Egyptian and Islamic tradition in his era.
اتفاق بين رفاعة الطهطاوى وزوجته التزم كاتب الأحرف رفاعة بدوي رافع لبنت خاله المصونة الحاجة كريمة بنت العلامة الشيخ محمد الفرغلي الأنصاري انه يبقى معها وحدها على الزوجية دون غيرها من زوجة أخرى أو جارية أياً ماكانت ، و علقت عصمتها على أخذ غيرها من نسا أو تمتع بجارية أخرى ، فإذا تزوج بزوجة أيا ما كانت ، كانت بنت خاله بمجرد العقد عليها خالصة بالثلاثة ، كذلك إذا تمتع بجارية ملك يمين ، و لكن وعدها وعدا صحيحاً لا ينتقض و لا ينحل انها ما دامت معه على المحبة المعهودة مقيمة على الأمانة و الحفظ لبيتها و لأولادها و لخدمها و جواريها ، ساكنة معه في محل سكناه ، لا يتزوج بغيرها أصلاً و لا يتمتع بجوار أصلاً ، و لا يخرجها من عصمته حتى يقضي الله لأحدهما بقضاء ، هذا ما انجعلت عليه العهود و شهد الله يبحانه و تعالى بذلك و ملايكته و رسله ، و إن فعل المذكور خلافه ، كان الله تعالى هو الوكيل العادل للزوجة المذكور يقتص لها منه في الدنيا و الآخرة ، هذا ما انجعل عليه الاتفاق ،و كذلك إن تعبته فهي الجانية على نفسهال
Tahtawi agreement with his wife not to marry another women.

In his piece, The Extraction of Gold or an Overview of Paris, Tahtawi discusses the patriotic responsibility of citizenship. Tahtawi uses Roman civilization as an example for what could become of Islamic civilizations. At one point all Romans are united under one Caesar but split into East and West. After splitting, the two nations see “all its wars ended in defeat, and it retreated from a perfect existence to nonexistence.” Tahtawi understands that if Egypt is unable to remain united, it could fall prey to outside invaders. Tahtawi stresses the importance of citizens defending the patriotic duty of their country. One way to protect one’s country according to Tahtawi, is to accept the changes that come with a modern society.
refai 7
A selection of his works are
Tahtawi’s writings
• A Paris Profile, written during Tahtawi’s stay in France.
• The methodology of Egyptians minds with regard to the marvels of modern literature, published in 1869 crystallizing Tahtawi’s opinions on modernization.
• The honest guide for education of girls and boys, published in 1873 and reflecting the main precepts of Tahtawi’s educational thoughts.
• Tawfik al-Galil insights into Egypt’s and Ismail descendants’ history, the first part of the History Encyclopedia published in 1868 and tracing the history of ancient Egypt till the dawn of Islam.
• A thorough summary of the biography of Mohammed published after Tahtawi’s death, recording a comprehensive account of the life of Prophet Mohammed and the political, legal and administrative foundations of the first Islamic state.
• Towards a simpler Arabic grammar, published in 1869.
• Grammatical sentences, published in 1863.
• Egyptian patriotic lyrics, written in praise of Khedive Said and published in 1855.
• The luminous stars in the moonlit nights of al-Aziz, a collection of congratulatory writings to some princes, published in 1872.
Tahtawi’s translations
• The history of ancient Egyptians, published in 1838.
• The Arabization of trade law, published in 1868.
• The Arabization of the French civil law, published in 1866.
• The unequivocal Arabization approach to geography, published in 1835.
• Small-scale geography, published in 1830.
• Metals and their use, published in 1867.
• Ancient philosophers, published in 1836.
• Principals of engineering, published in 1854.
• Useful metals, published in 1832.
• Logic, published in 1838.
• Sasure’s engineering, published in 1874.
• General geography.
• The French constitution.
• On health policies.
• On Greek mythology.

refai 2
Rifa’a al-Tahtawy Memorial in front of Sohag University,Sohag

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Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm’s Ex-Wife Wants More Money After Cashing $975 Million Check

Sue Ann Hamm stands in the courthouse hall before divorce proceedings with Harold Hamm, founder and CEO of Continental Resources, in Oklahoma City
Sue Ann Hamm stands in the courthouse hall before divorce proceedings with Harold Hamm, founder and CEO of Continental Resources, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma September 22, 2014.

(Reuters) – Sue Ann Arnall, the ex-wife of Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm, vowed on Monday to press on with an appeal of her divorce case even after she cashed a $975 million check that Hamm provided her.

In November, an Oklahoma court ordered the Continental Resources (CLR.N) chief executive to pay his ex-wife about $1 billion in cash and assets when the couple divorced after a 26-year marriage. The check for $975 million, which Arnall cashed last week, represented the entire balance owed by Hamm according to the court’s decision.

But Arnall has appealed the case in the Oklahoma Supreme Court, claiming that the earlier ruling allowed Hamm to keep the vast majority of a marital estate worth up to $18 billion. Legal experts say it may be more difficult for Arnall to pursue an appeal after accepting the benefits of the trial court’s award.

A divorce settlement check from Harold Hamm chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources to ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall in the amount of $974.8 million is seen in this handout image
A divorce settlement check from Harold Hamm, chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources, to ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall in the amount of $974.8 million is shown in this image from a court

“I will not dismiss my appeal and do not feel that my right to appeal should be denied because I have accepted, in the interim, a small portion of the estate that we built over more than two decades,” Arnall said in a statement through her lawyers.

Last week, one of Hamm’s lawyers, Craig Box, told Reuters that Arnall’s deposit of the oil man’s check in an Oklahoma City bank was likely to end her case. If she continues an appeal, Box said, Hamm will try to have it dismissed on grounds she has already accepted the benefits of the earlier ruling.
hamm 4
The Hamm divorce has been ongoing since 2012 and the November ruling was among the largest ever for U.S. divorces.

Last month, Hamm too had pledged to appeal the decision, after a sharp fall in oil prices cut billions from his personal fortune. The earlier court ruling allowed Hamm to retain his 68 percent stake in Continental.

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