Bride Left At The Altar Has The Best Time Destroying Her Dress and Other Wedding Disasters

By Pinar
Shelby Swink was left at the altar by the man she had committed the last three years of her life to, but she found the perfect way to cope.
When Shelby’s then-fiancé called things off the week of the wedding, she quickly had to call guests and vendors to cancel just about everything.
shelli 1
She was in such a devastating situation that would leave anyone shocked and heartbroken that her family and friends didn’t know what to do or how to act on the original day of the wedding.
sheli 2
Shelby says, “A pity party was the farthest thing from what I wanted or needed.”
With the help of her photographer, she came up with the perfect plan for them all to celebrate the day that would have been her wedding—throw a “trash the dress” photo shoot!
sheli 3

sheli 4

sheli 5

Shelby says, “Nov. 1 was supposed to be a fun and happy day surrounded by friends and family who loved me. I decided that I would not let my ex-fiancé’s mistake of letting me go take that away from me.”
sheli 6

sheli 7

sheli 8

With her parents and bridesmaids fully dressed in their fancy gowns and tux, and with Shelby in her wedding dress, they all had a giant paint fight.
sheli 9

sheli 10

sheli 11

The day with filled with laughter and excitement, allowing everyone to enjoy each other’s company on a day that could’ve been somber.
sheli 12
No one held back.
sheli 13
In a way, it was cathartic and exactly what Shelby needed.
sheli 14
“The moment the first bit of paint hit my dress I was free,” said Shelby.
Her dad brought champagne and cigars for the event.
sheli 15
sheli 16
The dress even wound up looking pretty great after the paint job.

Isheli 17t will be on display at a local bridal shop in Memphis at the beginning of January and a portion of the proceeds will go to Be Free Revolution, a nonprofit organization that helps educate and empower youths in in Kenya and Uganda.
In the end, everyone had a great time.

sheli 18
sheli 19
And to her ex, she says, ““Thank you for sparing me greater pain and loss down the road. Thank you for pushing me to realize my own strength…”
sheli 20
“…Thank you for teaching me that no one can take away my happiness. Thank you for letting me go so I can one day experience true reciprocated love. THANK YOU!”
sheli 21
All photos by Elizabeth Hoard Photography

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The Ultimate Electric Sports Car Is Only 4 Feet Long

broon 10

The Henes Broon F870‘s seduction begins long before you’re seated in its sporty bucket seat, gripping its racy steering wheel and tapping and swiping its best-in-class infotainment system. The big flirt begins with the brochure, 90 glossy pages that reel you in with a barrage of automotive temptation.
broon 8
First, the images grab you. The F870 is a knockout with its strong lines and supercar looks—a boxier 2015 Miata with a similarly furrowed brow. Move over, Tesla, because the zero-emissions Broon F870 is as eco-friendly as it is eye-catching. And you can recharge this fully electric ride from any wall outlet—not that you’ll do much charging, because its range is excellent.
broon 9
Not feeling its style? No problem. Pop off the modular exterior panels and have at it. SUV and sedan bodies pop right onto the chassis. The fully loaded F870 has dual motors and all-wheel drive like the Tesla P85D, doubling the top speed of the base model Broon F830. All that giddy-up requires extra safety assurances, so it’s got a four-point racing harness—standard.

And the piece de resistance? You don’t even need to be behind the wheel to drive it. An included remote turns it into the world’s biggest RC car.

Um, what? Surely there are regulations against ghost-driving a car. And shouldn’t the South Korean company Henes be a household name if it’s out-Tesla’ing Tesla? Can the F870 be as amazing as its brochure suggests?
broon 7
“Better,” says our test driver, who figures the Henes Broon F870 is worth five times its asking price. “My favorite thing about it was the motor.”

That asking price, by the way, is just $1,000. And yes, this is a real car, even if it is just 4 feet long, tops out at 10mph and has about as much trunk space as an Italian supercar. You see, the Henes Broon F870 is a precision-engineered, high-performance luxury car for kids. And it is awesome.

It’s Freaking Amazing
No, seriously. It’s freaking amazing. Although it’s made for kids, adults covet this car. The one we tested, a fully loaded top-of-the-line model, is one of a kind. Henes said our loaner unit was the only functional Broon F870 in the world at the time we reviewed it. Every WIRED staffer who saw it wanted to drive it. Nobody could fit. So to test this miniature version of a luxury sports car, we turned it over to a miniature version of WIRED contributing editor Brendan Koerner. Koerner’s six-year-old son Maceo test-drove the car over the course of two months and provided some behind-the-wheel impressions.

As it turns out, even Maceo had trouble fitting into the Broon F870. He’s about 4 feet tall and had to drive with his knees straight up. Four feet is definitely the height ceiling. Despite the tight squeeze, Maceo said the ride is comfy.

That’s due in no small part to the independent suspension system, which looks and works a lot like the one you’ll see in most sports cars. This baby motors right over gravel, potholes, and other nastiness with ease thanks to its coil springs and gas-tube shocks that dampen wheels wrapped with urethane-foam tires. “There was a sidewalk they were fixing,” explains Maceo. “But it went solid over it. One time I thought it was going to get stuck, but it didn’t. It was just a long bump, like BUMP.”

Handling is equally nimble. Differential steering controlled by an aluminum-alloy gearbox and a short wheelbase make the F870 capable of surprisingly sharp handling. The suspension and the steering truly make it more like a real car than a toy. Adding to the realism are working headlights, brake lights, hazard lights, and turn signals. The signals automatically engage whenever you take a left or right. All of this make the Broon a legitimate learning tool.

“It was a steep learning curve, but by the third or fourth time that we brought it out, he was doing three-point turns and trying to parallel park,” says Koerner the Elder. “It taught him a lot about driving.”
broon 5

A Range Of ‘Like, 3,000 Miles’
The battery life on the car is outstanding, as it uses the same kind of 24V/14Ah rechargeable unit found in some electric bikes and scooters. When asked how far the car could go on a single charge, Maceo replied “I would say like 3,000 miles.” Dad could not vouch for that, but said he charged the car just twice during the two-month test. There’s a tradeoff, however: The battery takes up a ton of trunk space, leaving little room for cargo.

“It was little,” Maceo says of the trunk. “If it was bigger, I would put all my stuff I don’t need that I brought in the car just in case. Like let’s say if it was a really hot day and I brought my sweatshirt. If I didn’t need it I would put it in the trunk.”

Recharging the car also recharges the 7-inch Android touchscreen tablet on the dash. It displays the car’s speed, lets parents adjust various settings, and streams music to the car’s speakers. The tablet also lets you tweak safety features, like maximum speed and its driving mode. Cooler still, the car has a self-diagnosis feature. If anything goes wrong, you can have the car analyze itself and tell you what’s wrong with it.

There are three driving modes beyond full remote-control mode: “Comfort” mode makes acceleration and braking slow and easy. “Normal”—used for most of our testing—increases the sensitivity of the gas and brake pedals for a little more yee-haw; “Dynamic” mode cranks it all up to whiplash levels.

The Bluetooth 4.0 remote control, which runs on a pair of AAA batteries, is the only way adults can enjoy this ride. Oh sure, it’s a great way to drive around kids who are too young or too small to drive themselves. But it also lets you increase your return on investment. Thanks to its responsive handling and surprising speed, the Broon is a massive but tightly tuned RC car. “I wouldn’t let him drive it across the street, so I would put it in remote control,” said papa Koerner. “That was super fun.”
broon 6
It Is Not Without Issues, However
There was one issue with the remote control, however, and it’s significant. The big emergency stop button on the top of the remote—designed to stop the car and shut it down in an emergency—didn’t work consistently. Perhaps the fact our car was a prototype meant the kinks are still being worked out. Or perhaps it only works when the car is in RC mode. Either way, it didn’t work in Normal mode.

That’s the only big issue we found, but we have some quibbles. While the car’s polycarbonate body is incredibly durable and ding-resistant—I crashed it into a wall (no passengers) at a fairly high speed, damaging the wall but not the car—the plasticky trunk and hood feel flimsy. And the body panels are shaky and slippery when you’re carrying the 60-pound ride, a task that takes two people.

The car’s “key,” a small polycarbonate rod that stows under the dashboard, is easily lost–and you definitely want to keep it away from toddlers’ mouths. You don’t need the key to start the motor—that’s done with a button on the dash—but it pops the trunk, which you’ll need to do to turn the car’s main power on and recharge the battery.

As long as your kid is the right age, this is their dream ride. The car is rated for ages 1-5, and Koerner says 5 might be the sweet spot. That’s the age at which most kids are the right size and have enough mental capacity to get the most out of the car. Maceo reckons the ideal age is 4—mostly because the car was so small—but he never got tired of driving it despite the cramped space. He says he likes the car more than his bike.
broon 2
In the end, father and son agreed the F870 provided excellent value, but they disagreed slightly on the overall rating for the car. Dad gives it an 8 out of 10, citing the emergency-stop issue and the polycarbonate frame as the only drawbacks. “Just seeing him get into it, he really really enjoyed it,” says Koerner. “As a parent, that’s the most important thing.”

Maceo would bump that score up to a 9. He also offers his own blueprint for Broon perfection.

“It drove pretty well, and it was surprisingly fast,” says Maceo. He’d have awarded the car a perfect 10 “…if it was light-green. And had a full steering wheel. And had more trunk space. Bigger. And had a roof.”
Broon 1

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Hot Arab Girls Calendar 2015 and Eye Candy

calendara 1

calendara 2

calendara 5

calendara 7

calendara 8

calendara 9a

calendara 10

calendara 10a

calendara 11

calendara 12

calendara 13

calendara 14

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Lion Capital sends letter to American Apparel urging it to explore options: source

A man walks past an American Apparel store in New York
(Reuters) – The board of American Apparel Inc (APP.A) has received a letter from British buyout firm Lion Capital, pushing it to explore strategic options include a sale, a source familiar with the situation said on Sunday.

The letter also said that Lion Capital would nominate Lyndon Lea, one of its founders, to the clothing retailer’s board of directors to replace one of its previous designees, Gene Montesano. Lion Capital, a former lender to the retailer, has the right to nominate two of American Apparel’s nine board seats. Lea had previously been on the board but stepped down in 2011.
american a 4
Lion Capital also has warrants to purchase up to 12 percent of the retailer.
The letter, which is being reviewed by the board, asks the board to form a special committee to evaluate options, according to the source, who asked not to be named because the matter is not public.
american a 3
Representatives for American Apparel and Lion Capital did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
american a  8pparel-ad-vice-socks-100408
Irving Place Capital has put in a bid for the retailer for up to $1.40 a share, an offer that American Apparel’s board believes is far too low, Reuters has reported.
american a 5
The Los Angeles-based company has been bogged down by debt and investigations into the conduct of former chief executive Dov Charney that had dragged out for months. Charney was fired on Dec. 16 after a six-month suspension and will be replaced by Paula Schneider, president of ESP Group Ltd.
american a 10
The Wall Street Journal first reported the news about Lion Capital’s letter late Sunday.
american a 11
The Company that Dov Charney Founded
american a 2
Dov Charney (born January 31, 1969) is a Canadian businessman and the founder and former CEO of American Apparel, a clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer which he started at age 20.
He was involved in nearly every part of the business process from design and manufacturing to marketing.
american a 7
At American Apparel, Charney pioneered the Made in USA sweatshop-free model of fair wages and a refusal to outsource manufacturing. Charney has also been associated with several controversial lawsuits, including a $10 million lawsuit from film director Woody Allen and sexual harassment lawsuits involving ex-employees.In 2014 the issues resulting from some of these led to his dismissal as the company’s chief executive officer.

American Apparel CEO Fired After Investigation by NewsyVideos
The Los Angeles Times named him as one of the Top 100 powerful people in Southern California and in 2009, he was nominated as a Time 100 finalist by Time magazine.
Annie Hall billboard lawsuit
In May 2007, American Apparel posted two billboards in New York and Los Angeles featuring a still image of actor Woody Allen from his 1977 movie Annie Hall. They were removed at Allen’s request within a week; he subsequently sued American Apparel on various grounds (including rights to privacy, and property rights).
american a 6
According to Charney, the billboard, which featured a photo of Allen as an Orthodox rabbi and “cheeky” Yiddish text (“The High Rabbi”), was a commentary on the tabloid coverage he received from several unproven sexual harassment lawsuits and the way that he and Allen—both Jews—had been treated by the media.
american a 9

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Egyptian Transgenders arrested for posting videos on youtube

malouka 2
Classified as the most dangerous she/male in Egypt.
Ahmed M. known as Malouka al Daloua and his lover Abdullah known as Aida where arrested in Cairo and charged with spreading Homosexuality in Egypt.

Maloukas video
Known to their friends as the king and queen of gays. The accusations include having sex with rich Arabs Israelis and Egyptians breast augmentation surgery and owning wigs, female clothing dildos and make up as well as a sums of money 200 Israeli Shekels and E£21,000 that officials say are the revenues from prostitution.
Also in their possessions where liquor bottles,cell phones and computers detailing their Utube videos.
malouka 3
Under Arrest
Homosexuality is legal in Egypt it will be interesting to see if the charges of downloading videos to utube and breast augmentation, owning women clothes, lingerie dildos as well as make up charges will stand in court..Homosexuality is illegal in Islam.
Human rights lawyers have volunteered to defend the two transgenders who are presently held in jail for four days while the investigation continues and presentation to the medical examiner.
malouka and aida
Malouka and Aida
The authorities have no proof of prostitution as they have to be found in or soliciting which they where not. It is not illegal to download videos to Utube and they videos do not contain any nudity or obscene matterials.
malouka 5
Police evidence

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The Beautiful Girls Calendar 2015

calendarb 1

calendarb 2

calendarb 3

calendarb 4

calendarb 5

calendarb 6

Page 3 Calendar 2015-BTS by Eggs_of_the_dragon
calendarb 7

calendarb 8

calendarb 9

calendarb 10

calendarb 11

calendarb 12

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Jennifer Lawrence, , was named by Forbes as the highest-grossing actor in 2014

Jenlaw 1
Number one: Jennifer Lawrence, shown in November in London, was named by Forbes as the highest-grossing actor in 2014
She’s number one! Jennifer Lawrence takes top spot in Forbes’ highest-grossing actor list with $1.4 billion at global box office
Jennifer Lawrence finished 2014 as the highest-grossing actor in Hollywood with her movies taking in $1.4 billion at the worldwide box office.
The 24-year-old Oscar-winning actress was named the highest earning thespian of the year by Forbes in an article on Friday thanks to her films The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and X-Men: Days Of Future Past.
The penultimate film in the Hunger Games franchise has earned about $333 million in the US and remains in theaters, while Days Of Future Past earned $233 million domestically.

Chris Pratt, 35, finished in second place with $1.2 billion in global grosses behind his starring role in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galxy and the Warner Bros comedy The Lego Movie.
Marvel took a risk with the outer space adventure featuring lesser known comic book characters but Pratt as roguish hero Peter Quill resonated with audiences.
Guardians Of The Galaxy was the highest-grossing film domestically with a box office tally of $333 million.

jenlaw 2
Popular movies: Lawrence finished atop the list after starring in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Scarlet Johansson,30, finished in third place with an international box office haul of $1.18 billion mostly from the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier that grossed $714 million worldwide.
Johansson reprised her role as Black Widow in the film starring 33-year-old Chris Evans as the shield-carrying superhero.
The rest of Johansson’s box office haul came from her films Lucy and Under The Skin.

jenlaw 3
Superhero sequel: Chris Evans and Scarlet Johansson are shown in a still from Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Mark Wahlberg, 43, finished fourth based on his single movie

Transformers: Age Of Extinction that grossed $1 billion at the global box office.
Evans rounded out the top five due largely to The Winter Soldier but also from his sci-fi action film Snowpiercer.
The post-apocalyptic movie about humanity’s survivors living on a massive train travelling on a global track had a limited US release but a wider release internationally.

jenlaw 4
Space adventure: Chriss Pratt starred as Peter Quill in the Marvel blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy
Snowpiercer brought in $86.7 million at the global box office.
Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Hugh Jackman rounded out the top 10.
Forbes based its listings on figures from Box Office Mojo.

jenlaw 5
Train movie: Evans is shown in a still from Snowpiercer that brought in $86.7 million at the global box office

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Sweden’s Jumbo Stay Hotel: A 1976 Boeing 747-212B that has been redesigned into a hotel!

jumb 1
At the Arlanda Airport in Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, exists a hotel that is probably the first of its kind in the entire world.
jumb 3
The Jumbo Stay Hostel welcomes its guest not into an exquisitely ornate receiving area, as is the case in traditional hotels, but to the inside of a defunct 747-200 jetliner that has been tastefully and indeed ingeniously converted into a full-fledged hotel.

jumb 2
Opened in 2008, this hostel is present inside a Boeing 747-212B, actually built in 1976 for Singapore Airlines.
jumb 4
After being sold to Pan American, the aircraft operated for quite a few years until it was decommissioned in 2002, with the bankruptcy of the Swedish Transjet Airways.
jumb 5
The construction of the two-storied hotel started only in January 2008, with the removal of all 450 seats from the cabin area. The interiors were thoroughly sanitized and new paint was applied.
jumb 6
The building had to make separate provisions for climate control and insulation.

jumb 7
Upon completion, the Jumbo Stay Hostel was relocated to its current destination near the entrance of the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The hotel comprises of 27 rooms, with two to three bunk beds in each, and communal toilets located at either sides of the corridor. Each of these budget rooms, about 6 square meters in area, comes equipped with flat screen televisions, along with wireless broadband to be used exclusively by the guests.
jumb 8
Owner Oscar Diös says:
This is the budget price alternative Arlanda has needed for quite a long time and also a new landmark at Arlanda offering a unique experience for the guests.

For those looking for a slightly more extravagant set up, go for the costlier luxury “cockpit suite”. Apart from these, the Jumbo Stay Hostel features a lookout deck built right on one of the airplane wings, a conference hall and a well-stocked café that treats the guests with delicious goodies all day long.
jumbos 11

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Saudi Prince Buys World’s Most Expensive Car Mercedes with 300,000 Diamonds – $4.8 Million, Just To Touch it You Have To Pay 1000$

mercd 1
World’s Most Expensive Car Mercedes with 300,000 Diamonds – $4.8 Million, Just To Touch it You Have To Pay 1000$ – Dubai
owner : Saudi Prince (Amir) al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul-Aziz

mercd 4

The Diamond Car !
It is the world’s most expensive car ever ! It is not just a normal car , I think it is a dream car . This car is called Mercedes-Benz . Mercedes-Benz SL600 covered with Swarovski crystals. This awesome Mercedes is the work of car accessory company Garson .
mercd 3
This company specializes in making crystal accessories for the people who expect more excellence for their cars . This car is consider a leap in the world of cars . This car was seen for the first time at a Dubai auto show to feast the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz . The two Mercedes Benz Sl600s were fitted with 300,000 crystals.

Each one of them was shaped into a diamond and then glued onto the body of the car , 13 people worked on the car for about two or three weeks. The price for one of these awesome cars is around one million US dollars and believe it or not ! it someone has bought one already and it is being seen on the streets of Dubai , I think it just is a very interesting thing to see , so what about buying it ?!

mercd 2
The car not only has a crystal look , but it also has Crystal wheels , Crystal studded steering wheel , and also studded gear shifter.
IT is well known that , Saudi Prince Amir al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul-Aziz owns one of those amazing cars .

He is one of the top 10 richest people in the world.
mercd 5
Prince Waleed has more than fifty cars in his awesome collection. I Think Dubai has made a beautiful unusual car in our world . I think everyone wants to own this diamond car , but people also need to create more and more unique ideas like that . This is not just a car , it is a wealth !

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