The Musical Sisters Ariana, Sahara and Kamila as Ashk Together and Solo

The Musical Sister Ariana, Sahara, and Kamila
ASHK is the latest project from the Nasr sisters. The three sisters have devoted many years to studying and performing music in different parts of the world including India, Afghanistan, China, Europe and Brazil… The word ASHK, means “love” in Turkish and “tear” in Persian. As the band performs in multiple languages and styles, playing a variety of instruments, ASHK creates a show that reflects their travels, studies and musical passions.

The sisters have teamed up with world percussionist Ken Shorley to take the audience on an international tour. Ariana brings us to France, Eastern Europe and beyond, hearing the sounds of Edith Piaf, the Roma, and the Balkans.

Sahara explores the music of India and Persia, sharing Sufi poetry of Rumi in her own compositions.

Kamila brings us to Portugal through Fado, to Brazil with hip hop and treats us to original Afghan-Celtic fusion. The versatile Ken Shorley will transport us to the Middle East, South Asia and Turkey as he flows effortlessly among instruments and styles.
ASHK’s performance is powerful as they sing most selections with three or four part harmonies and perform with an impressive array of both eastern and western instruments.

Ariana Nasr loves music. And she is not afraid to show it. Whether she is singing Édith Piaf, an Italian art song or a jazz standard, she will give you everything she’s got (and sometimes more).

In 2015 Ariana developed a full-​blown spectacle en français featuring the music of the world-​renowned French singer, Édith Piaf. Since then, she has done more than 50 performances of the show, delighting audiences from Alberta to Labrador,

including presentations at the Halifax Jazz Festival, Deep Roots Music Festival, Alliance Française Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary, Mosaiq Multicultural Festival in Moncton, and sold-out performances at the Chester Playhouse, The Carleton, Kings Theatre and the Al Whittle Theatre.

In 2016 Ariana added Jacques Brel to the theatrical presentation, dressing and performing as Édith Piaf for the first set and as Jacques Brel for the second, and acting out her own English translations between songs.

A CD “La Vie en Rose” including many of Édith’s hit songs (Non, je ne regrette rien, Hymne à l’amour, La Vie en rose, Padam… Padam) was released in April 2015.

In addition to singing, Ariana also plays saxophone, accordion and violin in a variety of genres. Other acts in which she participates include the world music ensemble ASHK (with Sahara Nasr, Kamila Nasr and Ken Shorley), and the duo act Nasr & Thorpe with her partner Curtis Thorpe.

Sahara Jane is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is always on the move, creating and performing around the world. Her songwriting style blends elements of folk, jazz, Celtic and Indian music which gives a unique character to her show. Her recent tours have included performances in India, China, Europe and Canada.

Sahara Jane is a world fusion musician. She is a songwriter and a singer, she also plays guitar and a rare Indian string instrument called sarangi.

Her style blends North American folk with Indian and Celtic music.

Her recent tours included performances in India, China, Europe and Canada.

Kamila Nasr is a Canadian singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Beijing, China. In September 2012, she released her solo album Paint the Moon under her stage name Kamila and as an independent label. She is the youngest of the Nasr sisters.

From 2007 to 2012 Nasr performed as the lead singer for the 15-piece Beijing-based Samba band, Sambasia. Nasr and Sambasia performed at the Evening of the Era concert alongside renowned Chinese rock musician Cui Jian at the Worker’s Stadium in Beijing in January 2008,

In 2008 she founded the bossa nova quartet Girassol, and performed at venues in China, including Mao Live and OT Lounge as well as the Brazilian, Chilean and French embassies.

Nasr recorded and produced Chasing Fireflies, a full-length album of original folk music with sister musician Sahara Jane in 2003. The album was nominated for four Music Industry Association of Newfoundland (MIANL) awards.

From the late 1990s to early 2000s Nasr and Sahara Jane performed at folk festivals and music events in Canada including the Winnipeg Folk Festival, The Vancouver Island Music Festival, Deep Roots Music Festival, Trout Forest Music Festival and the Thundering Women Festival.

Nasr has regularly performed on stage in China with guitarist Pierre Brahin, with their shows described as a mix of “Brazilian favorites, standard bossa, choro and samba, flamenco guitar,

fado and finally Iranian and Afghan popular and folk songs accompanied by Flamenco rhythms” by TimeOut Beijing

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