An Exchange Between a Muslim Islamic Studies Professor and a Muslim Woman Wearing a Niqab

Celine Galipeau
– I just witnessed an extraordinary scene on the train!
Sitting next to me, a fully veiled woman (including gloves and all the works), only a horizontal slit of a small centimetre would glimpse her eyes.

A woman of years, dressed in fashion here is sitting in front of us and is addressing her gently…

– hello, madam, as I am a Muslim, but I don’t understand why you dress like this. Could you explain it to me?

– Madam, it’s not a disguise, it’s the prophet who asks us to dress like this.

– the prophet?

– are you sure?

– would you be kind enough to tell me where this text is and what is the content? I ask you this because I do not know this text.

– it’s in the Koran!

– ah, I have read and studied the Qur ‘ an, but I really have no memory of having read the prophet asking us to dress up like the women of the tribu tribe (here, I have not chosen) who lives in This area of the sahara and wearing this type of clothing well before the birth of the prophet.

Besides, this area is far away from the different travels of our prophet. Historically speaking, our prophet must not even know this tribe. How is it that he asked Muslim women to dress in an outfit that he didn’t know?

– that’s enough, ma’am. It’s the prophet who wrote it, I read it.

– you read the prophet… okay… a translation?

– not in Arabic.

– ah, you read and speak Arabic very fluently, then?

– yes, absolutely.

There, the lady dressed in the west starts to speak to her in high-speed Arabic.
The woman completely covered with the hesitant answers.

The woman resumes in French…

– Madam, I am a professor of Arabic and Muslim civilization at the university and I can say that you don’t understand Arabic. I asked you questions in a pure and elaborate Arabic. Very Ambiguous, double-meaning questions and you haven’t seen anything at all. You answered me completely.

– where were you born?

– I was born here!

– so if I recap; you wear clothes made to fight the sand storms of a small tribe living in a certain sub-Saharan area whose prophet has never heard of you, you have read the Qur ‘ an, but are unable to understand the finer points From the Arabic language, you have found instructions but you cannot tell me what this text is.

Grafitti in Paris train station
– that’s enough, ma’am!

– no dear madam, you were the one who attacked and insulted my religion, by your disguise, by your inculture.

– you’re making us all go (Muslims) for fanatical fools.

Bravo to this brave woman, the real Muslim is her.. Voila.

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