Sex Robots with Hot Genitals will offer ‘Emotional Attachment’ for the Lovelorn

A US firm has developed a sex robot with warm genitals so users can develop an “emotional attachment.”

The RealDoll is designed with heat sensors
The bizarre creations are said to be hyper realistic and will be available for sale as early as next year.

Creators say the new generation of dolls will offer never before felt sensations for those willing to pay £12,000 for the experience.
And they come with built in body heaters as well as sensors that will react to movement.

California based Abyss Creations say their RealDoll will allow their owners to “fall in love” with the dolls.

The sex robots are designed to make you fall in love with them
I want to have people actually develop an emotional attachment

Founder Matt McMullen
Founder Matt McMullen said: “I want to have people actually develop an emotional attachment to not only the robot but the actual character behind it – to develop some kind of love for this being.”
While David Levy, author of Love And Sex With Robots, has explained that robots could replace human emotions and could potentially lead to marriage.

And that while humans have been enchanted by the theory of emotional relationships with their technological creations for year that cutting-edge research in robotics coupled with artificial intelligence could change relationships forever.

The sex robots are available from a company in the USA
The most REALISTIC sex dolls you will ever see
A blonde posing provocatively to a brunette lying seductively on her bed these bombshells look like every man’s dream partner. However, they are in fact a collection of love dolls worth between £75 and £750.

He said: “I’ve no doubt some will find it creepy, but the arrival of sexually responsive robots will have enormous consequences.
“We have already seen rapid changes in human relationships thanks to the internet, mobile devices and socialmedia.

“The next major advance will enable us to use our technology to have intimate encounters with the technology itself – to fall in love with the technology,to have sex with robots and to marry them.”

Last week it was revealed that a sex conference discussing human relationships with robots will be held at a highly-respected British university at a cost of £200-a-ticket and will discuss all aspects of the new phenomenon.

The RealDoll robots can be built to your specifications
The conference “International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots” will is being held at London’s Goldsmith University.

Cutting edge sex robots are now alarming realistic – prompting many to suggest they may replace women in the near future.

Some industry experts say men will soon be unable to tell the difference between an animated model and a real woman.

Academics in robotics and human interaction will come together at the south east London university to discuss the future of artificial sex.

Goldsmiths computing lecturer Dr Kate Devlin said: “I think robots could become our lovers in the future.”

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