Corvette C3 Limousine For Sale In Spain

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If you’re looking for a unique Corvette, then we have found it for you in Spain.

A collector over there drew up a 1/18 scale model and then had a custom Corvette C3 limo made from the sketch.

The Corvette limo is 12.5 meters long, and in case you flunked metrics, that’s about 41 feet long – or about 26 feet longer than a normal C3.

Vette 2_Limo_14

The creation has four individual rear seats, with four plasma TV monitors to watch movies on. It also features removable T-tops over the front two seats, radio with CD/DVD, an intercom and a “fridge of cold and heat to give more value to this great limousine never seen in our Country, something exceptional,” the ad reads.


Vette 3 c5limo4

The owner says the car is “very well maintained and restored, a real gem, with very few miles and countless extras inside.” He promises the car is “unique in Europe and in the world, unique piece, never will see anything like it.”

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Of course, such exclusivity has its price. In this case, it’s negotiable, though the owner does admit he is asking 52,000 euros or $69,000 to $74,000 USD
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