First gay marriage in Egypt. مراسم زواج شابين مثليين في مصر

First gay marriage in Egypt? Video for a wedding celebration for a gay couple on a Nile boat! They even had a cake!and exchanged wedding rings

cairo gay 1
A young gay wedding ceremony, on a boat on the Nile River in Cairo, a lot of controversy, especially that of the Islamic religion and the Egyptian law which prohibit homosexuality and is punishable by jail terms.
A video clip showing what they said was a young gay wedding ceremony on Boat of the Nile River. And appears in the video clip the features of young couple exchanged congratulations and wedding rings, while the louder sounds of joy to the tune of a popular Egyptian wedding song .”
The promoters of the video that was filmed on a tourist boat in Cairo, but you can not be sure of the identity of persons, or the nature of the event, especially in light of the case of narrow-mindedness experienced by homosexuals in Egypt, for fear of identifying them, and being abused, especially by Islamists and The Egyptian law which prohibit homosexuality.

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