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USA Exposed! American Crimes In Egypt Announced Now! Look Americans What Your Government Is Doing!

Exclusive! USA Exposed! American Crimes In Egypt Announced Now!

Look Americans What Your Government Is Doing In Egypt

At this moment exactly, USA is pressing violently on Egyptian Military Council to Make Mohamed Morsi of radicalist and terrorist Muslim Brothers be the Egyptian President and Israeli Soldiers are waiting at Sinai borders for this to occur to enter Sinai immediately under the excuse of Israel protection from Muslim Brothers who are related to Hamas, Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda!!!!!


USA is pretending that all it wants is Democracy, while over the past one and half years, whenever Egyptians decide or choose something through elections, USA tries to ruin, prevent or cancel it, to force Soros and CIA puppets; Elbaradei or Muslim Brothers, who made a deal to allow Israel reoccupy Sinai and to divide Egypt after Coptic Christians become violated by these Radicalists, like what happened in Sudan!

Margaret Scobey
Mrs Margaret Scobey; the former USAAmbassador worked as a spy, who visited Egyptian villages and cities to collect reports to use them to create trouble later on! She used the Embassy parties to record sex videos for famous ladies by a CIA agent to blackmail them to work for CIA! She planned with Elbaradei, 6 April and Muslim Brothers all the plan of January 25th Revolution! She sent the Diplomatic cars from the Embassy to run over Egyptian youth near to the Embassy when Egyptians welcomed Mubarak speech , then parked them at the Ministry of Interior to attach it to Egyptian police! After many hours, she complained that they were stolen, although the guard said that this is impossible because they can not be used except through certain code for each car to use its key and these are kept inside the Embassy and there were hundred marines which arrived earlier to protect it!!

Ellan Grapel
The spy named Ellan Grapel entered Egypt by his American Passport and denied his Israeli Passport! He works for Mossad and shared in causing attacks on Churches early in the Revolution and shared in killing protesters, nut USApressed to release him! Like when American teenagers arrived to Cairo, then the next day they went to Tahrir Squareand threw Molotov on policemen and were released also after American threats!

6 April
When activists of 6 April got arrested not for protesting, but for definite crimes of killing soldiers and stealing their guns, they were released under CIA pressure too, including for example; Alaa Abdel Fattah, Ahmed Dooma and others! When USAwas condemned for breaking laws and making suspicious activity against Egyptian National Security, by funding illegal organizations and societies, USA pressed on SCAF using threats by Muslim Brothers!

Moslem Brothers Ikhwan

Recently, Mrs Clinton expressed her anger because the revolution in Egyptdid not cause the planned deaths, destruction, violence and mess! She said that it must be made like Libya, Tunisiaand Syria, as regards radicalism, terrorism and violence!!! Mr Carter , Soros Puppet too, visited Egyptto observe elections, but he did not meet SCAF and just met Muslim Brothers! Mr Carter is probably blind and deaf, for he did not notice at all the fabrications and cheating made by Muslim Brothers for Morsi!! Exactly, like when BBC, Aljazeera started to promote false lies about Morsi success, although the process is still going on and many governorates are not completed yet!!!!

Khairat El Shater
Khairat El Shater, the Muslim Brother leader announced that they will make violence whether Morsi won or lost, but we had never heard any objection for USA or Human Rights about that! Even when they threatened to kill Shafik and his supporters and to kill Coptic Christians for choosing him, no comment at all! In fact, Egyptian police and army detected a terrorist plan by European snipers who entered Egypt days ago, to explode vital places and kill thousand Egyptians if Morsi loses! Hamas and Jihadists in Sinai made an explosion at the borders of Sinai today, in cooperation with Israel to make an excuse for Israel to occupy Sinai!and possible move the Palestinians to the Sinai as a country

Anne Paterson
Anne Paterson; the current USA Ambassador came to Cairo after Pakistan and Afghanistan and was behind the many violent attacks that occurred in Egypt and the burning of thousand companies and factories to make economic collapse to force Egypt to sell Suez Canal, Sinai and everything for Qatar, Iran and Israel! Even when Egyptian Interpol asked USAto deliver the criminal and terrorist Omar Afifi , whom Mrs Scobey sent to USAas a refugee in 2008 to start the revolution and to plan all the attacks on police, CIA ignored the request and gave him more time to commit more crimes!!!!

Hillary Clinton
Clinton, herself received the activists of 6 April and sent them for Poland and Serbia for training! She offered them modern devices that help them for spying and to escape from police follow up! Egyptian police and army are prevented from protecting Egypt or Egyptians from these criminals or terrorists and are threatened that NATO will occupy Egypt under the excuse of Human Rights and Democracy!!!!

Moslem Brothers Ikhwan Militia

BIN Newsletter

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Micro Bikini DMRA – ANB (BBB+BB)

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Micro Bikini 18

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Three guys

Three guys are discussing women. “I like to watch a woman’s tits best, ” the first guy says.

The second says “I like to look at a woman’s ass.” He asks the third guy

“What about you?”. “Me? I prefer to see the top of her head.”

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Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) Paul Lekakis

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Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room)

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45 Beautiful Gay / Bi Men

1. Tom Ford
2. Andy Cohen
3. Cheyenne Jackson
4. Matt Bomer (Not public)
5. Nicholas Rodriguez
6. Ricky Martin
7. Ian Mckellen
8 Thomas Roberts
9. Anderson Cooper
10. Bill Clegg
11. Alistair Appleton
12. Chad Allen
13. Michael Stripe
14. Ronnie Kroell
15. Dan Savage
16. Gerald McCullouch
17. John Gidding
18. John Barrowman
19. Jonathan Groff
20. Luke Mcfarlane
21. Mike Manning
22. Nate Berkus
23. Neil Patrick Harris
24. David Burtka
25. Ryan Barry 26. Reichen Lehmkuhl
27. Rupert Everett
28. Shaun Doyle
29. Steven Davies
30. Anton Hysen
31. Don Lemon
32. Robert Gant
33. Scott Evans
34. John Amaechi
35. Darren Manzella
36. Jeremy Bernard 37. Rufus Gifford
38. BD Wong
39. Rick Welts
40. Kyle Dean Massey
41. Michael Cunningham
42. Zachary Quinto (has not denied being gay)
43. Gareth Thomas
44. Darryl Stephens
45. Adam Lambert

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25 hottest lesbian and bisexual women!

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